Dean's Corner

July 2013 Report

By Priestley Nkhonjera


MIBI is up and classes are going on well. After one week break that commenced on 5th July through 15th, the students came back refreshed and buoyant after having completed three courses in the 1st semester. In the new semester (16th July-30th August) I am taking them through Biblical Interpretation. This course is very crucial because it aims to equip the students of the Bible to properly get the meaning from the scriptures and correctly apply such to secondary recipients of the Bible who are the people living today. Matter of fact I also benefit a lot as I prepare these lessons. However from the 29th of July through 2nd of August I have temporarily suspended my class to accommodate Bill Elliott who is teaching the book of Galatians. Brother Elliott has been a big blessing to us. As I sit in some of his sessions I have gotten to know him as a very thought provoking, challenging and thorough teacher who will have every stone turned on a point. He aims to dish out the whole thing not just a piece of the whole. On Saturday, I will take Bill to bless Msesa church about 20km away South East of Dedza town where he’s going to teach on unity and church leadership. There isn’t a more important subject to teach to the Malawi church in the Central Region now than that. Divisions on how to conduct Supper are still obnoxiously rearing their ugly head here. On Sunday he preaches at the new church at Chisiri. He will depart for South Africa on 5th August.

We’re also optimistically looking forward to the coming of the team from Indiana that will also help us with more courses. I can’t help but thank God for putting things together the way He is doing. Yes we have challenges but I know God is looking into that. The fact however is our start is really promising.

Bill Elliott teaching Students attentively listening to Bill


God is highly blessing our evangelistic efforts at Chisiri as more people are being added to the saved. On Sunday, the 21st of July, we baptized five people and on the following we baptized one. The total number of converts has now reached forty since we started the new church in December last year. We thank God for the fruits of our efforts.


want to thank all our MIBI donors for their generosity. We definitely can’t manage without them. Their prayer, financial and material donations are what make us tick. May God continue to bountifully bless them in health and wealth. Over and above I want to thank God for enabling us to do what we do knowing full well we can accomplish nothing without Him.

4. “On the 21st of June, I flew to Malawi to teach a week in their preacher-training school that began on the 28th of May.  It has taken about 18 months to get this Sunset-related school up and running.  Everyone is most please it has finally begun with five students.  More will be added later as things get going.  The Green Valley church in Noblesville, IN sponsors this good work, and will send teachers and advisors from time-to-time to assist in the teaching program.” – Jerry Hogg, Sunset Southern Africa Coordinator

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