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MIBI LogoThe logo for the Malawi International Bible Institute holds a great deal of symbolic meaning.
First, the African sun is setting in the background.This is a real picture, of a real scene, of a real sunset in Malawi. It symbolizes the relationship between the school in Malawi and Sunset International School in Lubbock, Texas, and its regional campus locations around the world. It symbolically links Christians from all over the world into one universal family, just as the actual sunset offers its beauty to residents of every region, on every continent, in every part of the world.

In the foreground is the famous African Baobab tree. This tree is recognized around the world as symbolic of sub-Sahara Africa. The Baobab tree is one of the oldest trees in the world, and may be the oldest life form on the African continent. Many Baobab trees that are alive today are believed to have been alive at the time of Christ. This makes it a good representation of the ongoing life of the church, from the first century to the present. The Baobab is a life giving and life-sustaining tree and it offers shelter and food to those who seek its favor.

The name Malawi International Bible Institute recognizes the location from which the word will spread, Malawi, a fitting location for the school. The country is recognized as the “Warm Heart of Africa.” The word international recognizes that words taught will spread like the fires of the first century as they travel across borders from nation to nation.

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“It is the purpose of this school to communicate the full and complete Gospel of Jesus Christ to Malawi and its neighboring nations, to the honor and glory of God.”

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