Welcome to the MIBI website. The school which is a branch of the Sunset International Bible Institute is now up and running.

We have converted a house into a school and for the present we are able to handle five students who are living on campus. These men are the best of the best. Nearby 200 people applied for those five spots. There are also two others that are auditing the courses.

Brother Priestley Nkhonjera was trained at Sunset in Lubbock, Texas and now heads up the new school in Dedza, Malawi. It is really going well and making a huge difference in the country.

The school is supported by churches in the U.S. and individual donors. If you can help with even $5.00 it would be a real blessing. May God bless you all.

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“It is the purpose of this school to communicate the full and complete Gospel of Jesus Christ to Malawi and its neighboring nations, to the honor and glory of God.”

How You Can Help

Pray, pray, pray – be Prayer Warriors:
• That goals are met with the building of MIBI and the associated projects.
• For all Malawians to have access to a Bible or, if they are illiterate, to have the Bible read to them.
• For all Africans, especially orphans and widows, to have healthy drinking water, sufficient clothing, education about sexually transmitted diseases, shelter, and sufficient food to ward off malnutrition and diseases linked to vitamin deficiencies.
• For the growth of His Kingdom in Malawi and other African nations.


• Help Murry Dixon at Janus with packing, loading and shipping needs. He will announce or post times needed.

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